Singing lessons online reddit?

Do you know of any online singing courses or do you recommend a good online singing course that really helps? Is it important that I choose a singing teacher near me? I'm studying singing classes %26 I see that there are a lot of different places that offer private classes both online and in person. Is it important that I choose a teacher near me and is it important that I seek help in person? Or is everything online via zoom as good as it is in person? Other courses that are good include those by Ken Tamplin, Vocal Asylum by James Lugo and Singing For The Stars by Seth Riggs. Just make sure you can get feedback to make sure you're training the right way. I am by no means a singer.

I don't know MUCH vocal vocabulary except vibrato, and yet I am receiving conflicting interpretations of what it is or if I do it correctly. I'm in my mid-twenties, my last effort was in the 5th grade choir, and I have no idea if it's too late to be, at least, decent. I don't want to shudder at myself anymore, maybe I have the confidence to post an occasional video of piano %26 singing on Instagram for my friends. I can't afford singing lessons at all, and I'm too shy to sing in front of anyone right now.

A great teacher can make an online lesson amazing and a bad teacher won't give you in-person results yet. If you reach a point where progress stalls, it may be a good time to consider individual singing lessons. I only had one online lesson with him years ago, and it was fantastic, but I agree that in-person classes are much more beneficial.

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