Do you have to be born with a singing voice?

If you ask most people, they might tell you that we have to be born with a wonderful voice in order to enjoy singing. They would tell you that if you want others to appreciate what comes out of your vocal cords, you have to “be born” with a great sound. Natural born singers are those who know how fun singing can be. They realize how long, difficult and tedious it can be to sing properly, and they do it anyway one day at a time.

The attitude takes you very far. If you haven't perfected reach and vibrato by age 10, but are still working to achieve them, you're on the right track. The two main things to learn are to sing in tune (with the right notes) and sing with the right rhythm. That is, if you've ever heard me sing, which is unlikely considering the fact that I tend to avoid subjecting myself to an embarrassment as embarrassing as singing in front of an audience other than my shower.

Even if you weren't born with a naturally beautiful singing voice, a lot can be done in singing classes. A good singing voice is one that has positive technical attributes (being able to sing high or low, high or low, and precisely controlling these things), but it is also a voice that has a pleasant sound (or timbre). Singing can be so emotionally and mentally stimulating that it feels like you're on another plane of existence, or outside your body, as you sing. And maybe being able to accept constructive criticism (a positive and encouraging diagnosis of vocal problems) about your singing is more precisely a sign of your maturity than of your ability to sing.

Latisha Ruppenthal
Latisha Ruppenthal

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