Can online singing lessons work?

The good news is that online voice classes are just as effective as in-person classes. In fact, they can be even more useful if done the right way. Online lessons aren't as effective, but almost as effective as real-life lessons. And they can be useful in a practical sense.

Online voice classes are like the most well-known singing lessons, except that the teacher and student aren't in the same room together. There are already many options for online singing classes. From YouTube tutorials to live Skype sessions, you can take advantage of online voice classes to have a private lesson with your favorite vocal coach. As long as you and your coach are in different locations, you will remain connected to the Internet.

In fact, anyone with an Internet connection can take private singing lessons with the teacher of their choice. For those of you who aren't sure about the idea of learning singing skills online with a vocal coach, it's helpful to point out some of the positive features of online voice lessons. I've taught some perfectly good online lessons where my student takes care of her young child during the lesson, so once again, the quiet room isn't mandatory. Especially as an adult, a big part of the battle of music lessons is taking the time to drive to the lesson.

When you search online for singing classes, try to find a course or class that is taught by a certified teacher. If you're planning to sing a capella (that is, without accompaniment), then you won't need this one, but if you want to sing with a karaoke track, it's a good idea to have a music playback device. Okay, there may be some limitations, such as whether that teacher offers online classes and if time zones make scheduling viable, but overall, the world is within your reach. With all the music videos, informational articles and blogs available on the web, do you really need to pay for online voice classes? Due to delay issues, your singing teacher is unable to accompany you on an instrument during an online singing class.

When I travel to attend vocal conferences, I reschedule all my in-person singing students, but I keep those who are online (or the in-person students who want to take an online class) on their regular schedule. If you have a stable Internet connection, a webcam and a good microphone, there's no reason why you can't take advantage of online singing lessons. When I started singing classes, I did a lot of research on the best ways to sing. When you regularly take singing lessons at your vocal coach's office or studio, you can be sure that distractions will be kept to a minimum.

However, once you have a bit of singing knowledge and are trying to achieve clear goals (even if they change over time), there's no substitute for in-person singing lessons. Just keep in mind that, at some point, you should expect online voice lessons to be too small for you, and you may need personalized feedback to keep moving forward. When looking for the right vocal coach, the same rules should apply to online classes as to finding a more traditional in-person teacher.

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